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Let’s Play Minecraft - A gif for every episode
   —-> Episode 35: Potions (Part 1) 

Michael Jones, Jack Pattillo, Ryan Haywood, Gavin Free - My Favourite Things
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Beautiful rendition of My Favourite Things by Michael, Jack, Ryan and Gavin <3



Did you hear the news? I hit a thousand followers. What a ridiculous number, right? So I figured i’d hold a giveaway and hand out some free stuff. 
So given that Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter are what I seem to be blogging about the most these days (sorry about that), the prizes are as follows: 

  • First Prize: 1 (one) shirt from the Rooster Teeth Store. Any standard shirt you’d like. I’ll contact the winner to find out what size they want.
  • Second Prize: 1 (one) poster from the Rooster Teeth Store. 
  • Third Prize: 1 (one) deck of cards and either a set of 2 (two) slap bands OR a RWBY button pack from the Rooster Teeth Store. (Okay yes all the prizes are from the RT store, you get the point, right?)

If the giveaway gets a bunch of interest i’ll consider adding on a few more prizes. 
Now rules? Yeah okay, rules:

  • Likes and reblogs count as entries. There’s no limit on the amount of entires you can have so go ahead and reblog to your hearts content. Just be mindful of spamming your followers.
  • Must be following me (handpickedhappiness) sorry to sound snooty but this is a giveaway for my followers. Jump on board with the other 1000 losers. 
  • You’ve got to be comfortable with giving me your name and address for shipping purposes. 
  • No giveaway blogs. I’ll be checking.
  • You can enter until the 18th of July 12:00am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) because that’s my birthday /hint hint/. 
  • I’ll be picking a winner using a random number generator. (Obviously if one person is picked for more than one prize i’ll draw another winner.)

So there you have it. 
Thanks so much to the (unbelievable amount) of people who’ve been following me. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that there are 1000 of you! 


Hey guys!! I’ve decided to do a small giveaway for my followers!

The winner shall receive:

-$200 Esty gift card

-$50 ITunes gift card

-$100 for Whatpumpkin

-$250 Visa gift card

-5lbs of sour gummy worms

Da Rules:

-Gotta be following me since this is for my lovelies

-No giveaway blogs

-5 reblogs and likes per person

-Be willing to give me your address for shipping

-Sorry but you gotta be in the U.S.

-Leave your box open so I can tell you if you won!

The winner will be notified on May 31st; if they don’t reply within three days then a new winner will be chosen.


Grif: Psst- hey Sarge, maybe there's a ransom.


Make Me Choose: 
anonymous asked: lads or gents


Anonymous asked: Lads or Gents?


donut decorating eggs on easter but whenever he tries to make a red one he takes it out of the dye too fast and it comes out pink

"It’s not pink", he’ll declare, "it’s lightish red!"


if you can’t tell i made a “people like grif” egg and it took us 12 minutes to find god dang it grif

Did you check it&#8217;s usual napping spots?


if you can’t tell i made a “people like grif” egg and it took us 12 minutes to find
god dang it grif

Did you check it’s usual napping spots?

Why Jelly Beans?!

Oh jelly beans, how can you be so gosh darn effin’ delicious! I was doing so well up until, eating healthy and exercising and now I’m eating handful by handful of your sugary goodness! Why jelly beans?! WHY?!!!